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Why sell tickets through us?

Why sell your tickets through us?

The most important part of our job is to make sure you, as a promoter or venue, sell as many tickets as possible. With that in mind, unlike other ticketing agencies, we will never force you to sign an exclusive agreement with us (unless of course you would like to). We are confident that we can help you sell your tickets without the need for tactics which will stop you being as successful as you should be. 

We see ourselves as long term partners for your ticketing needs, with the help of our sister brands - shanghai247.cn, Pulp Magazine and 247Cinema - we can advise on marketing and advertising for your event, pricing, ticket printing, even venue choice. As we work with no venue or media exclusively we can offer unbiased views on what is best for you to help your event be a success. 

Our ticketing system is the most adaptable, secure and state of the art system in China meaning that if you want something different, we can accommodate, offering your potential customers an easy and safe way to purchase tickets for your event. We work with large scale multi-venue high priced tours to small low priced charity events. If you have an event and you want someone else to handle your ticket administration, we can help. 

Our sophisticated ticketing system allows people to use various payment methods, including online payments. We also provide an e-ticket option if that is what you would like.

Our dedicated, English speaking, delivery drivers are able to deliver throughout Shanghai usually within a few hours from order and we offer next day whole of China delivery for a nominal extra fee.

We have a dedicated multi-lingual support team using advanced customer service products to allow customers to get in touch with us quickly and easily. We have online chat support, 24hr email support and a dedicated customer service phone number so that if a customer or client needs to speak to us, they can.

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A small example of what we can offer:

* Dedicated, muliti-lingual customer support team

* Low promoter fees

* State of the art ticketing system

* Sophisticated delivery network

* Advanced and secure payment system

* Advertising and promotion network

* Venue sourcing, ticket pricing and event consultancy 

* Ticket printing

* Promoter back end access - see your sales live and instantly

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