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Ticket fees, Credit Card fees and Exchange rates.

Event ticket prices are set by the event producer (venue or promoter), not 247Tickets.

For some tickets, we charge a "per ticket booking fee" which we always state at the start of the checkout process to make sure you know how much you are paying. 

Where does your fee go?

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We charge a flat delivery fee for each delivery, no matter how many tickets are in that delivery. This fee may be different depending on where your delivery address is.


For example.

10 x events tickets @ 100RMB each

Delivery fee - 20RMB

Total price = 1,020RMB


10 x events tickets @ 100RMB each

Booking fee - 10RMB per ticket

Delivery fee - 20RMB

Total price = 1,120RMB


Delivery Fee.

Within Shanghai or Beijing - 20RMB

Outside of Shanghai or Beijing - 30RMB


Credit /debit cards.

You will be charged in RMB. You bank may charge additional fees which we have no control over. 


Paypal may charge their own fees which we have no control over. 

Exchange rates.

When used we use 15 minute delayed European Central Bank exchange rates plus an exchange rate fee set by Paypal. 

The conversion rate follows the European Central Bank standard kiosk rate - which can be worse than normal rates. Please make sure you realise this before ordering as we cannot refund once your order is complete.