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About us

Welcome to 247Tickets, brought to you by the team behind Shanghai247 and Registerme, 247Collective and, of course, 247Cinema

At 247Tickets you can purchase tickets for music, art, theatre, sport, comedy and other events in Shanghai and around China. As well as tickets, we have a huge online magazine store – choose from over 300 magazines and get your favourites delivered directly to your door.

We are currently the only ticketing site in Shanghai that accepts all payment methods including international credit and debit cards, Paypal and bank transfer, and of course, good old fashioned cash.

Not in Shanghai? No problem! We can deliver your tickets to anywhere in Asia, or you can come and pick them up at our conveniently located office on the day of your concert.

When possible we offer an 'e-ticket' option - instant delivery of your tickets right to your inbox!

If you want to talk to us, we have a livechat function on the site, plus an English and Chinese hotline open from 9 - 6pm Monday to Friday, to answer any queries you might have. You can also submit a query here.

We are an enthusiastic team who believe that buying tickets in China shouldn't be hard or expensive, and we aim to offer a service that couples outstanding customer support and great features on the site for a simple and safe way to get all your tickets.

Want to know more or just say hi? Contact us right here and we'll be in touch.